About Our Team

GlocalPM consists of a team of dedicated professionals who work autonomously, individually and in projects. Our organizational structure is lean and networked, where direct and open communication with concerned individuals and functions is encouraged to achieve challenging goals.


Our consultants and trainers are experienced IT or Project Management professionals. They have worked in both business and technology and have several years of relevant experience. We recruit motivated professionals with strong program and IT project management skills, as well as a range of specialist consulting skills.

Opportunities for Growth

How quickly and to what extent you grow depends entirely upon you but the drive to acquire knowledge and wisdom must come from you.


As a GlocalPM consultant, you will participate in some of the most exciting consulting projects. You will work with our prestigious clients, developing ideas and solutions to improve and transform business performance.


If you would like to consult for a growing and profitable technology and management consultancy company, email your resume to Careers@GlocalPM.com